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The OMNI Series has been incorporated in the Pulsafeeder pump line for their strong performance and cost-effectiveness, ruggedness, basic design, and consistency. These pumps work best in industrial applications that require a compact design for durability, but also can be applied in any sort of chemical dosing implementation.,oh joy sex toy penis pump

The Pulsafeeder Omni pumps are manufactured for maximum cost-effectiveness, solidness, resilience, simplicity, and reliability. These metering pumps incorporate an industrial concept and design to be compatible in a wide range of applications.,ffm cock rings

Pulsafeeder’s Omni pumps are manufactured to manage a great range of applications such as:

Pulsafeeder OMNI Series DC2-6

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  • Flow rate: 4-272 GPH
  • Pressure rating: 45-150 psi
  • HP: 0.25 & 0.5
  • Temperature: 150°F
  • Viscosity: 1000 CPS
  • Connec. Size: ¼", ½" & 1"
Pulsafeeder OMNI SeriesDC7

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  • Flow rate: up to 951 GPH
  • Pressure rating: up to 150 psi
  • HP: 1.5
  • Temperature: 150°F
  • Viscosity: 1000 CPS
  • Connec. Size: 1.5"

wagging tail butt plug,OMNI pumps are dependable substitutes for clients seeking an easy-to-use condensed diaphragm dosing pump. OMNI series pumps are viewed as the basic standard for a well-engineered chemical metering pump with little to no maintenance required. The OMNI pump provides users with the following benefits:

  • Extended life of Omni pumps for enduring performance
  • Light & Compact which saves space and makes for ease-of-use
  • Controller Ready  
  • Straightforward design for simple installation 
  • Exceptionally productive use of silent fan cooling device  
  • Reduction of back flow and improved priming features 
  • Minimal amounts of moving parts
  • Quality wetted component materials

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Our fin cooled Solenoid enclosure dissipates heat ensuring that the pressure handling capability of the omni pump can be maintained. The thermally protected Solenoid protects the omni pump from seizing up in extreme heat conditions with an automatic reset feature allowing the pump to resume operation up on cool-down. All PULSAtrons are tested and rated under hot conditions guaranteeing that the flow and pressure ratings meet the specifications. There are no standards when it comes to the type of chemicals our pumps may encounter. We offer a variety of wet-end materials that the customer can choose from.  Every omni pump is configured to order with the customer designated wet-end materials that match the chemical requirements of the target application.,potato used as sex toy

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  • Flows to 600 gpd (94.6 lph)
  • Pressures to 300 psi (21 bar)
  • Temperatures to 150° F (66° C)
  • Viscosities to 20,000 cps
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Omni pumps emphasize simplicity when it comes to their designing, and includes indelibly greased, oil-free equipment, and cartridge valves to minimize maintenance requirements. Every Omni pump within our category consists of a lockable handwheel to physically modify pump production from 0 to 100% in small increments.,cbt press sex toy