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Chad is a landlocked  nation of nearly fifteen million people in northern-central Africa, south of Libya.
The country stretches from the Sahara Desert in the north, through Selhel in its center, and savanna in the south. Lake Chad, in the west of the country, is the most significant water body in the Sahel.
Chad's major environmental issues include:
• Inadequate supplies of potable water;
• Improper waste disposal in rural areas contributes to soil and water pollution; and,
• Desertification.
It is susceptible to hot, dry, dusty harmattan winds in north; periodic droughts; and locust plagues.
Chad, part of France's African holdings until 1960, endured three decades of civil warfare as well as invasions by Libya before a semblance of peace was finally restored in 1990.
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Total Renewable Water red nipple covers: 43 cu km (1987)
Freshwater Withdrawal: total: 0.23 cu km/yr (17% domestic, industrial, 83% agricultural)
Per Capita Freshwater Withdrawal: 24 cu m/yr (2000)
Access to improved sources of drinking water: 50% of population
Access to improved sanitation facilities: 9% of population

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Chad's main water resources are:,no tip penis sleeves

  • Surface water is water from river, lake or fresh water wetland, which can be treated using different methods, such as Ultrafiltration condoms in bulk, Brackish Water RO.
  • Ground Water or brackish water is from water located in the pore space of soil and rock “Borehole well”, which can be treated using Reverse Osmosis condoms in bulk, Chemical Dosing, UV Water Sterilizer.
  • Government water supply, which could have high level of hardness or high level of chlorine, can be treated with Water Softener System, Media Water Filters.

Water challenges in Chad
Since it’s a landlocked country, Chad suffers from low levels of food production, that is magnified by magnified by recurring droughts and high numbers of refugees. With hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from Northern and Central Africa situated in already malnourished communities, almost half of the total population lacks access to sufficient freshwater supplies. 

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Our selection of pre-engineered and custom water treatment systems incorporate the necessary features to provide Chad with safe pure water in spite of its various hindering factors.

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