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But if times are desperate, and shea butter is all you have, there is a trick to properly use it as a lube. You need to make sure it melts completely. You can melt the shea butter by using the heat of your hands. Rub it between your palms before placing it on a sex toy or a penis.

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Yes, you can make your own natural lube in your kitchen. These recipes include: Your own water-based homemade lube: Whisk 3 teaspoons of corn flour into 1 cup of hot water until the flour completely dissolves. Put this concoction in a pot and bring it to a boil.

Homemade Lube: How to make your own lube at home for sex

Anyway, here is what you need in order to make this lube: 2 Cups of water. 2 tablespoons of flax seed. Use a small cook plan and bring the water along with flax seed to a boiling temperature, at a medium heat. Once done, allow this mixture to simmer quickly for about 20 minutes. After that, strain the flax seed.

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If you want to make a homemade anal dildo, you need to produce something which has a flared base so it cannot accidentally slip inside you. The best anal dildos have a flared base or are too long (around 14+ inches) to get stuck inside your bottom.

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4. Always use a condom and lube. Condoms create a barrier between you and your dildo, helping to block harmful bacteria. When you pair a good latex or non-latex condom with a good lube, or anal lube, it also helps minimize friction. The best household items to use as a DIY dildo. To make a beginner-sized dildo, you can try any of the following ...

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Make sure you use the right kind of lubricant for the dildo you’ve purchased; you can’t go wrong with the water-based variety. Choose a thicker, anal lubricant if you’re playing round back, and a vagina-friendly lubricant if you’re stretching up front. Start slow and play progressively

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If 3D modeling your own dildos feels a bit too involved, you can also use something like the dildo generator. You’ll have less control over your creation, but it definitely can be a fun way to easily personalize a dildo. Once your 3D model is ready, send your files to either a 3D printing service website or to your own 3D printer.

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You have to consider the size, shape, and quality of your new giant, all while finding something that matches your budget (some big dildos can be pricey). So to make things easier, I've put together a list with 37 of the best giant dildos. These range from prices as low as $30 to $300 hand made monster dildos with lifetime guarantees.

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Our Large Dildo Recommendations. Large dildos typically range from 7.5-12 inches in length, and many of them have a lifelike cock design to add a more realistic touch to your experience. To give you a better idea of the different kinds of large dildos we have, we want to highlight some of our popular ones here: