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US20190351520A1 - Simulation apparatus - Google Patents

A simulation apparatus according to another embodiment of the present invention is configured to change a machining route in machining of a workpiece performed in a machine tool and includes: a...

US8589122B2 - Simulation apparatus - Google Patents

A simulation apparatus includes a simulation management unit for designating an elapsed time point, a robot operation calculation unit for causing the operation program to be executed to a...

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US4070705A - Simulation apparatus - Google Patents

A system for interconnecting an environmental computer and a simulation computer in a master-slave relation, in order to permit said environmental computer to check the simulation programs...

Using Simulation of Apparatus Set-up to Improve Safety

The apparatus set up simulation was done by creating a windows computer application consisting of four modules: Mechanical, Electrical, Distillation Flask and Condenser. Pictures were taken of each component of the distillation apparatus before and after setup.

US5544348A - Simulation method and apparatus - Google Patents

An apparatus for modelling a simulation of a process having object frames that cause events which are representative of changes in the state of said object frames, said apparatus comprising: means...

Simulation apparatus - HONDA MOTOR CO., LTD.

A simulation apparatus, comprising: a simulated vehicle operable by a driver; a speech recognition section for recognizing speech of the driver; and an outputting section for performing predetermined outputting based on the operation and the speech of the driver; wherein said speech recognition section automatically starts or stops the recognition of speech in response to a situation on simulated driving.

US6945468B1 - Rainfall simulation apparatus - Google Patents

A rainfall simulation apparatus for a structure is provided, comprising a water source, an electric pump, a vertically oriented riser pipe, a perforated header pipe along the roof of the structure, a V-shaped aperture-containing trough connected to the roof, and an elongated collection bin below the trough and connected to the pump.

Scents in the stack: olfactometric proficiency testing with ...

The tests were hosted at a unique emission simulation apparatus-a replica of an industry chimney with 23 m in height-so that for the first time, conventional proficiency testing (no sampling) with real measurements (no reference concentrations) was combined.

Walk simulation apparatus - Shiraito, Tani

The apparatus comprises a head mounted display showing a participant programmed images in the form of three-dimensional images, a walk surface mechanism having a function of performing simulations of horizontal walk and walk on slopes and steps, a control device, walk plates, and load sensors detecting loads applied on the walk plates individually.