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Sex toy Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

Sex toy definition, an object used to provide or increase sexual pleasure, as a dildo or vibrator. See more.

Your Guide to the 12 Main Types of Sex Toys | Shape

A rabbit toy is a combo of two types of sex toys: an external vibrator and a G-spot toy. "It has an external part that usually looks like rabbit ears that provides vibration to the clitoris, while a second attachment goes inside the vagina for G-spot stimulation," explains Sloane.

A Guide to 13 Types of Sex Toys: Vibrators, Dildos, and Many More

A list of the most common types of sex toys, including vibrators, butt plugs, prostate massagers, cock rings, dildos, and more.

Sex toy | definition of sex toy by Medical dictionary

As sex toy use has become increasingly common, it is imperative that we understand the health implications of hygiene behaviours associated with sex toy use (e.g., cleaning toys, sharing toys). A cross-sectional survey of sex toy use, characteristics of sex toy use hygiene behaviours, and vulvovaginal health outcomes in Canada

Sex toy definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

Sex toy definition: A sex toy is an object that can be used to give sexual pleasure. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

What Is Oral and Anal Sex? | Sexual Intercourse Definition

A dildo is a type of sex toy. Some people use sex toys to masturbate or have sex with a partner (or both). Dildos are often shaped like a penis, and they come in lots of different sizes, colors, and materials.

Sex Definition and Types: What Is Considered Sex?

It’s a type of self-stimulation which, for women, might entail the use of hands, fingers, and sex toys like a vibrator to penetrate the vagina. Masturbation could also allow you to better direct your partner on how to pleasure you in the future.

11 Sex Dolls That Will Terrify You to Your Core (NSFW)

3. This male sex doll with an 11-inch penis. Sinthetics. This is Gabriel. He has a massive, uncircumcised penis. Other sex dolls by Sinthetics can be customized to be more terrifying or less ...

Sex worker - Wikipedia

A sex worker is a person who provides sex work, either on a regular or occasional basis. The term is used in reference to those who work in all areas of the sex industry. According to one view, sex work is different from sexual exploitation, or the forcing of a person to commit sexual acts, in that sex work is voluntary "and is seen as the ...