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How to Clean Your Sex Toys—Everything You Need To Know

If your sex toy is made from... Silicone, glass, stainless steel, or wood—and it's motorized: Use mild antibacterial soap you'd use on your body and a damp cloth to wipe the toy clean.

How to Clean Your Sex Toys for Safe Play

Sex toys made from silicone, borosilicate glass or stainless steel are the most common non-porous sex toys. These can be cleaned using a gentle antibacterial soap that you wouldn’t be afraid to ...

What's the best way to clean sex toys? | Health Promotion ...

Silicone: You can choose from 3 options to clean a silicone toy. Either boil for 5-10 minutes, put it in your dishwasher (on top rack), or wash with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Do not boil silicone vibrators because you will destroy the vibrator mechanism. Cleaning porous materials: rubber, vinyl, cyberskin, nylon, and leather. Rubber materials: Rubber materials are porous and difficult to clean.

The Best Sex Toy Wipes in 2020 - The Inventory

One of the great things about toy wipes as a product type is that they can be used to clean sex toys, and they can also be used to clean body parts and fluids. Aneros unscented antibacterial wipes come in a pack of 25 wipes and get high marks for being unscented and non-irritating for sensitive skin. The package is 5" by 4" and has a tight-sealing top that stays closed to keep the wipes from drying out when not in use.

How to clean sex toys, according to experts

Can I clean sex toys with wipes? Yes, you can, but they're really best used in combination with other methods.

Cleaning Sex Toys Is Important—Avoid These 6 Mistakes | Well+Good

Dr. Allison adds that using household cleaning products that aren't meant for sex toys can damage them. "It's best to stick with warm water and anti-bacterial soap and/or sex-toy cleaners," she ...

How to Clean Your Sex Toys and Accessories: 9 Do’s, Don’ts

You want to clean your sex toys every time you use them because dirty (used) toys can introduce bacteria and possibly cause infections,” she says. “They can also collect lint, dust, and ...

Minna | Cleaning Your Silicone Vibrator: How, When, & Why

Here are some cleaning instructions to keep your sex toys fresh. Instructions for cleaning a silicone toy: Step 1: Using a basic, mild, antibacterial soap (like Dial) and a small amount of warm water, scrub the vibrator with a damp cloth or a washcloth for 30-60 seconds. Some brands also sell their own sex toy cleaner which can also be useful as you know it won't damage their product.