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Bad Dragon Harness: How To Use Big Dildos As A Strapon

While Bad Dragon doesn’t offer any help to strapon play enthusiasts, another huge dildo maker Mr. Hankey’s Toys does. And while we’re on the topic, you should really check some of their fantasy dildos. They offer the sizes and firmness options as BD does, but they don’t offer as much color customisation. This is good and bad – yes ...

What Are Ejaculating Dildos & How Do They Work ...

Squirting or ejaculating dildos are often shaped like a man’s member, which feature a veiny shaft, sculpted cock head, and, sometimes, balls at the base of the toy. Some have a lifelike appearance, but different from other realistic ejaculating dongs. The Bust It Squirting Realistic Shaft w/1 oz Nut Butter is a thick and long dildo that has a ...

Does anyone here own a Bad Dragon dildo? : sex

I bought a Bad Dragon dildo because I think dildos that are suppose to be realistic are creepy. I find that non-realistic dildos are often too small and too hard. Bad Dragon's toys fit what I wanted perfectly. Bad Dragon's toys are somewhat of a labor of love. They are modeled and made by people who care about the product and made in small batches.

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Bad Dragon - Wikipedia

Bad Dragon Enterprises, Inc. is an American manufacturer of fantasy-themed sex toys, primarily targeted at members of the furry fandom. Products are sold online and at conventions. The company also owns imageboard e621 (and its safe for work database mirror e926) and the role-playing website F-List, both of which also cater to the furry fandom.

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4. 5. All promotions. GingerAnn. Insightful breakdown of Dragon Dildo: The girl with the dragon dildo (x-posted from Social) Ok, this is in slightly bad taste, but I just saw the US release of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and I am DYING to know what the stainless steel..

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What are anal dildos? An anal dildo is a special type of dildo that has been specifically designed for anal penetration.Most dildos designed for anal are smaller than traditional dildos and have flared bases to prevent the dildo from going too far into the anal canal, offering both comfort and safety.

27 Best Fantasy Dildos & Bad Dragon Alternatives [2021]

My first dragon dildo from Bad Dragon’s not-so-textured Echo just pales in comparison. 🤷‍♀️ Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys are insane size…(just see how big is the guy vs the toy.) Sadly, I didn’t add a Vac-u-Lock hole for my toy that could’ve been great for my fuck machine.

I will not be buying any more Bad Dragon toys, and here is ...

Bad Dragon as a company has been making all the wrong decisions lately, and they will no longer have my business. This company used to shine as a maker of custom fantasy-themed toys, but has changed its business model to heavily favor quick cash from impulse-buyers at drops and punish those who order custom toys.

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But, thankfully, we have innovative devices like the Drippy Dragon to keep us on our toes. This dildo, modeled somehow after a dragon wang, actually shoots jets of spooge for all those situations in which you need something like that to happen. Continue Reading Below