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Curious About Sex Toys? Find Your Personality’s Perfect Match

The key to embracing sex toys is finding one that works for you. Just like shoes and clothes, sex toys aren’t (and shouldn’t be) a “one-size-fits-all.” Your perfect sex toy is out there.

How to Buy a Safe and Quality Sex Toy, According to Experts ...

Lube, in particular, can be the difference between a good experience with your toy and a great one. "It can make literally any sexual experience more pleasurable," says sex and relationship educator Sarah Sloane, who's been teaching sex toy classes at Good Vibrations and Pleasure Chest since 2001. (Hey, there's a reason ~the wetter the better ...

28 Vibrators for Beginners - How to Choose Your First Vibrator

While this toy doesn’t vibrate like most traditional clitoral vibrators, if you know that suction on your clit during oral sex gets you off like no other, you’ll definitely want to try this toy.

How To Buy A Vibrator - 10 Things To Know When Sex Toy Shopping

“Most of us prefer a quiet vibe, and spending a little extra money will ensure your new sex toy is made from the quality materials that help dampen noise,” said Catney.

9 Household Items That Can Double as Sex Toys – SheKnows

The sex toy industry is a billion-dollar market with countless makes, models and modes designed to maximize pleasure and boost your sex life. Yet some of the very first sex toys we’re exposed to ...

Dangerous Sex Toys: What You Need to Know Now About ...

These are usually phthalate-free. The good news is that many sex toy stores have developed phthalate-free sections — even online. And there are plenty of soft rubber options available.

27 Best Vibrators for Women In 2021, According To Experts

Look for a sex toy that simulates the sensations you know you crave. Ahead, sex experts share their picks for the 27 best vibrators for women in 2021, whatever your ~vibe~ (lol, get it?).

How to Make Sex Better (with Pictures) - wikiHow

1. Use safer sex practices. It can be easier to relax and enjoy yourself if you feel confident that you are practicing safer sex. With this in mind, make a plan to make your sex life as safe as possible. If you can, before you have sex, get to know your partner, and talk openly about your sexual histories.

22 Must-Know Signs He Enjoys Having Sex With You

If the sex wasn’t good, he wouldn’t say anything. [Read: How to be really good at sex – 17 moves that’ll make you the hottest lay] 7. He’s affectionate when sex isn’t on the cards. Of course, if you have a sex-only relationship, showing affection outside of the bedroom isn’t supposed to happen, so skip this.

How to please an older woman in bed - 7 steps

Always vary the sexual positions and show that you know how to do her favourites. Seize the sexual encounters to make new proposals: use toys, fulfil her fantasies, anal sex. Your desire and energy will conquer her. You can surprise her with an orgasm without penetration or even go for something a bit more risky such as sadomasochism.