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The material we are looking at today is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is a plastic used in the making of some sex toys. Vinyl chloride is on the Government of Canada’s Toxic Substances List .

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PVC, by nature, is a very hard substance, so if you have a soft squishy PVC toy, it’s likely that it’s been softened with toxic phthalates. This is a very common sex toy material because it’s cheap to produce.

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It is made from industrial grade salt (chlorine) and crude oil (carbon) giving it the name polyvinyl chloride, or (C 2 H 3 Cl) n. By itself it is a hard and opaque material that isn't dangerous. But it needs to be softened to make sex toys and this requires toxic plasticizers like phthalates.

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Well according to Dangerous Lilly (who is the queen of sex toys & safe sex toy materials btw), she says something along the lines of PVC being made of some kind of toxic chemicals, especially when there's a nasty smell.

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A PVC sex toy is especially worrisome because it may contain high amounts of chlorine and PVC is strongly tied to phthalates, which we’ll talk about next. About 90% of vinyl material, barring Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate (PEVA), contains this industrial chemical.

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Anyway, many jelly-like sex toys (especially the cheap ones) are made with PVC and almost all jelly toys contain phthalates. To recap , PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is considered the Poison Plastic. During it’s lifecycle PVC releases phthalates (carcinogen), dioxin (carcinogen), and vinyl chloride (carcinogen).

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It has a pungent odor and can cause allergic reactions. If you buy a rubber sex toy, be sure to use it with a condom because it is porous. PVC and vinyl: These are both cheap materials that contain phthalates. They are commonly used in sex toys to make them soft and more affordable.

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Many popular erotic toys are made of polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) — plastics long decried by eco-activists for the toxins released during their manufacture and disposal — and softened with ...

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You may have also stumbled upon reports or articles which cast doubts about the safety of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) toys. Even though there are other sources which affirm that these toys are indeed safe, it can still be confusing as you are left wondering about what to believe or not believe. So, are toys made of PVC safe? That is what this comprehnsive article is all about.

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The FDA cites phthalates as a probable human carcinogen but there is no legislation pending to keep them out of sex toys. When shopping for safe sex toys, choose ones that are phthalate-free.