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This Is the Most Popular Sex Toy in the U.S. | Health.com

A new study ranked the most searched-for sex toys in all 50 states, which included dildos, vibrators, and bondage gear. ... A new study ranks the top toys in each state, and it sure is an eye ...

Horniest US States - States That Spend the Most on Sex Toys

Most notably, the survey found that respondents from these states claimed the highest self-reported annual spending on sex products including lubes, sex toys, fetish gear, and not including ...

This Is the Kinkiest State in America | Best Life

Registered swingers per 10,000 residents: 63.77. Sex toy spending increase from 2019 to 2020: 76.51 percent. Kink Index Score: 11.33. And for the place where you need to be extra aware of your surroundings, This Is the Most Dangerous State in America.

Size of the global sex toy market 2019-2026 | Statista

Usage and ownership of sex toys is on the rise worldwide. The global sex toy market is expected to grow by about nine percent between 2019 to 2026, from approximately 28.64 billion U.S. dollars to ...

Sex Toys: The 4 Most Popular Sex Toys in America

Adam & Eve says these four toys are their most popular products: Couples Enhancer Ring. Adam & Eve's No. 1 sex toy is designed specifically for pairs: It slides around his penis and family jewels ...

Are dildos really illegal in Texas? (and other weird sex laws ...

Earlier this week, i09.com published the above map illustrating “the weirdest sex laws in the United States.” While acknowledging that many sex laws you read about online are “urban legends,” i09.com went on to say that in Texas, “you can’t own more than six dildos.” Up until 2008, this was actually true.

Notorious Serial Killers in Every State - Insider

Glen Rogers. Each state has a connection to an infamous serial killer. Some serial killers are known for killing children, like David Meirhofer in Montana. Other killers are so famous they are known all over the country, like Ted Bundy, the BTK Killer, and John Wayne Gacy.