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19 Hilarious and Simple Party Games for Adults

Two Truths and a Lie. Steve Debenport / Getty Images. Two Truths and a Lie can be a great game for all ages, and it makes for a fun icebreaker for a group that may not know each other very well. There are lots of examples of truths and lies about achievements, sports, childhood and family, food, and more.

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10 Amazing Party Games for Adults – Party Games For All

SARDINES (Party Games for Adults) A great game if your house or property is big enough! Its a hide-n-seek is gone mad adult party game! Best played in the evening if you have a large group. Turn on the music or talk. One person is selected to leave. They have 10 minutes to find a place to hide. Then everyone else searches for him/her. If you find the hiding person, you hide with them.

5 Easy Party Activities for Grown-Ups | Cup of Jo

We love Fishbowl and The Game of Things for big group party games. A couple of other good ones are All in the Family (aka Kingdoms), and if your group is more adventurous, Body Body (like a 3D game of Mafia – you turn all the lights off and one person designated as the killer goes sneaks around and taps people on the shoulder; if you get tapped you have to fall down quietly and can’t speak the rest of the game.

10 Most Fun Adult Party Games Ever - Play Party Plan

Fun Party Games. 1 – Drop A Hint. One person guesses while the other three people work together to get their teammate to guess a word, each person saying one word at a ... 2 – Movie ID. 3 – The Wooden Spoon.

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Your Birthday Party Games. The Birthday Hot Seat. So how well do you know your birthday guest of honour? This game test your party guests by putting them under the spotlight. Thumper. Never Have I Ever. The Laughing Game. Clothes Pegs.

15 List Of Indoor Party Games For Adults – Party Games For All

15 List Of Indoor Party Games For Adults 1: Movie Game All you may need for this recreation is pen, paper and movie information. Make a list of five actors and... 2: Pop That Balloon Relay Divide players into two even teams and mark the starting point. The starting point must be... 3: Cotton Ball ...

21 Adult Party Games Everyone Will Want to Play

Pass the Pigs is a simple game that any partygoer will love. To play, toss the pigs in the air and depending on how they fall, you get a certain amount of points. You can continue playing unless you get the “oinker,” which eliminates all of your existing points. Don’t hog the pigs too long or you’ll lose out!

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Introducing the hilarious Watch Ya’ Mouth party game that’s even more entertaining with the NSFW adult expansion pack. To play, one person wears a clear cheek retractor and then attempts to say a series of naughty words that their teammates have to guess.

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Pass the Orange: Here’s another team birthday party game for adults for you that really packs a punch! Make two lines facing each other. Players at the beginning of each line start with an orange under their chin. On “go,” they’ll have to pass it down to the next person in line without using their hands.

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